LuxePack in Green Awards

Knoll Packaging wins LuxePack in Green Awards for best CSR Initiative

Knoll was commended on its material consumption database and global commitment to sustainability

November 4, 2021

Knoll Printing & Packaging, a leader in the sustainable deluxe packaging industry, has been awarded the LuxePack in Green Awards at LuxePack New York for its Material Consumption Database. Knoll won in the CSR Initiative category and presented their initiative in front of a jury of esteemed colleagues. Organizers say they received a record number of submissions this year.

LuxePack in Green Awards

Knoll Packaging’s Material Consumption Database was launched in January 2021. The objective of the project is to understand the material used in Knoll Packaging’s products, overall consumption, and supply chain beyond tier 1 and to identify areas of improvement on both the product level and supply chain level. As an example, if we see a high level of waste generated from a specific product, we can explore the production process to identify reason for waste and take corrective measures. On the supply chain level, from the database, we can identify our major suppliers beyond tier 1 and conduct our due diligence on these suppliers.

Wincy Cheng, Global Sustainability Director at Knoll Packaging, said “From our materiality analysis, we identified that most of our impact lies on our supply chain, but also it is an area that is filled with unknowns. Hence, we developed this material consumption database as an effort to better understand our supply chain. We can collect information about our suppliers beyond tier 1, type of material, origin of material and how much of each material is used. We are currently engaging a non-governmental organization (NGO), specializing in complex supply chain, to help us mitigate risks and increase resiliency. We are expecting the database to provide us with more insights and continue to make positive impacts in our supply chain.”

LuxePack in Green Awards

In 2018, Knoll Packaging launched its Knoll Social Responsibility (KSR) commitment to protect its people and planet. Since the launch, Knoll has received Gold Ecovadis, which is the top 4% as measured by Ecovadis, and has been named a Global Compact LEAD company for 3 consecutive years. Knoll has the distinction of being selected as the only SME in the packaging industry globally for the Global Compact LEAD.

For three years, Knoll Packaging has also been named a United Nations Global Compact LEAD company for its ongoing commitment to sustainability.

LuxePack in Green Awards

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