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Knoll Packaging, a leader in the deluxe packaging industry, has delivered innovative and creative packaging solutions to luxury global brands since 1984. Knoll provides premium packaging to the world's most prestigious brands, ensuring high quality, creativity, and precise reliability.

With sales offices worldwide including New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London and Hong Kong, and manufacturing operations in China, Knoll can globally source specific materials, and can globally supply and satisfy all manufacturing and delivery demands.

What makes us different?

Knoll is a prestige packaging products and services company. We are ahead of the competition in that:
  • We are committed to sustainability and a better world. We consider design innovation to be the most relevant lever to promote environmentally friendly practices.
  • Our expertise and history of excellence are unmatched providing world-class brands with cutting edge, high quality and innovative printing and packaging solutions & services since 1984.
  • Our full-service process is customized around our client's needs—from precise conceptual design interpretation, to efficient materials and supply sourcing, to global manufacturing & production, to reliable project delivery and follow up—each aspect of our printing and packaging process is carefully executed with the client's unique vision in mind.
  • Our designers are the best in the business with more than 30 years experience working with leading luxury brands and understanding their needs. Our concepts, problem solving and execution is unmatched as we stay current on global emerging trends in design, materials, processes and solutions.
  • We guarantee 100% quality and provide multiple alternatives for materials, technical expertise, processes and applications to suit any project.

Knoll Social Responsibility (KSR): Beyond Packaging for a better world.

In 2018, Knoll joined the United Nations Global Compact as a pledge to protect our people and planet.
  • Recognizes the importance of sustainability development.
  • Ensures that business activities do not have an adverse impact on people, planet and prosperity.
  • Adheres to the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, including protecting the environment.

Learn more about sustainable packaging solutions.

We believe in the highest level of conduct and are committed to operating in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner. Read our Corporate Policy and Supplier Code of Conduct.

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