Knoll Packaging wins for Chanel Knoll Ecoform Molded Pulp Advent Calendar

The first molded pulp advent calendar won for Limited Edition Pack at PCD Innovation Awards

April 4, 2022

It was announced that Knoll Packaging won Limited Edition Pack at the PCD Innovation Awards for the CHANEL Knoll Ecoform Molded Pulp Advent Calendar. This is the first Molded Pulp advent calendar on the market, and the first advent calendar released by Chanel. The jury particularly appreciated the design, the quality of execution and the innovation of the size and dimension of the object for this technology.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of its Chanel N°5 fragrance, Chanel partnered with Knoll Packaging to create its first ever advent calendar. Chanel sought to recreate the shape of its iconic Chanel N°5 fragrance in a larger-than-life advent calendar made of Knoll Ecoform molded pulp.

Knoll Ecoform molded pulp was chosen for its sustainability benefits, design qualities, and ability to be perfectly formed to recreate the iconic N°5 perfume bottle. Knoll pushed the limits of the material and overcame extraordinary technical challenges to produce the first molded pulp advent calendar in the industry. The hinged structure comprises of two laminated layers of Knoll Ecoform for a smooth appearance and feel both inside and out. The white pulp is color matched, molded and then cut. It also features molded pulp “feet” to allow the advent to stand. This unconventional calendar is filled with 27 folding carton boxes, numbered from 5 to 31, celebrating the Number 5 perfume and Chanel's address at 31 rue Cambon in Paris.

Organized as part of Paris Packaging Week, the Innovations Awards celebrate the best packaging innovations in the field of fragrances, cosmetics, skincare, cosmetics, skincare, premium beverages, aerosols, and dispensing systems. Since their creation, the Innovation Awards have awarded the most outstanding packaging of the year from an independent jury of packaging technical experts, professionals from the most influential brands on the market and journalists representing the profession. The jury met at the end of 2021 to review all entries and score them according to the criteria for each category. The PCD Innovation Awards will be presented in person at the official ceremony on June 29 and 30 June 2022 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, during the Paris Packaging Week exhibition, where Knoll Packaging will also exhibit its latest packaging innovations.

Benjamin Cohen, Creative and Innovation Director said, “It is an honor to be recognized by the PCD Innovation Awards for the Chanel Knoll Ecoform advent calendar. This project pushed our engineering team to new heights to recreate the signature fragrance bottle in this extra-large size. Knoll Ecoform has allowed Knoll Packaging to eliminate plastics from our supply chain and set a new standard for luxury sustainable packaging. The introduction of the first Knoll Ecoform molded pulp advent calendar on the market has a tremendous impact to drive innovation across the entire industry, and it is thrilling to be recognized already by the industry on these achievements.”

Knoll Packaging also partnered with Chanel to release their first Knoll Ecoform molded pulp clamshell for the Chanel N°5 limited-edition fragrance.

Knoll Packaging wins for Chanel Knoll Ecoform Molded Pulp Advent Calendar

Knoll Packaging wins for Chanel Knoll Ecoform Molded Pulp Advent Calendar

Knoll Packaging wins for Chanel Knoll Ecoform Molded Pulp Advent Calendar

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