Knoll Packaging wins UK Packaging Award for Best CSR Initiative

Knoll Packaging wins UK Packaging Award for Best CSR Initiative

Knoll was also Highly Commended for its Knoll Ecoform Molded Pulp Compact

October 17, 2023

It was announced that Knoll Packaging has won Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Year for Knoll Gives Back Day and was Highly Commended in the Best New Concept Award for Knoll Ecoform Molded Pulp Compacts. These two awards showcase Knoll’s ongoing commitment to its corporate sustainability initiatives and using design innovation to remove plastics and drive innovation in the industry. Knoll has been selected by the UK Packaging Awards esteemed panel of judges, representing the very pinnacle of excellence in the packaging industry.

Knoll Packaging wins UK Packaging Award for Best CSR Initiative

Knoll Gives Back Day won Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Year, which is an annual event that brings our global teams out of their workplace and into their local community. Each location, including USA, UK, Europe, Hong Kong, China and Philippines, volunteer with a local non-profit organization of their choice in activities such as volunteering in food pantries, beach and trail clean-ups, tree planting and participating with underserved communities. Knoll Gives Back Day aligns with our values and mission to protect our people and planet and continues to raise employee’s awareness on social and environmental issues by having them involved in these initiatives.

Wincy Cheng, Sustainability Director of Global Operations at Knoll said, “At Knoll, we always believe that changes start with awareness. Knoll Gives Back Day is a great opportunity for our team globally to understand what is happening in their local community. We are so honored to be the recipient of the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Year. Not only that the award assured us of our effort, but it also helps us to spread the word and potentially motivate other individuals and companies to join us in giving back to the community.”

Knoll Packaging wins UK Packaging Award for Best CSR Initiative

Highly Commended for Best New Concept Award, Knoll spent 2 years researching and developing their 100% Knoll Ecoform molded pulp compacts. Knoll Ecoform is a plant material made from bamboo, wood and sugar cane fibers. The material is certified recyclable in the paper recycling stream, and can be molded, cut to order and color matched. This latest innovation can replace traditional plastic make-up compacts and is engineered with a magnet-free option and removable mirror. The compact utilizes two layers of molded pulp, which has a smooth luxury feel finish on the interior and exterior of the compact. The design is fully customizable to meet the aesthetic of a brand, including any configuration of pans. Additional decoration also includes embossing and stamping or adding a FSC paper mask for additional decoration. It is Knoll's goal to eliminate plastics from their supply chain, and this new molded fiber solution for compacts continues their mission to create a better world.

James Kendall, VP of UK Sales said, “The evolution of Knoll Ecoform molded pulp has been extraordinary, particularly in the UK market. We first introduced the material over 5 years ago as a replacement for plastic platforms and many of our UK clients immediately adopted it as a luxury and durable solution. The material has seen quite an extraordinary evolution since then with 100% molded packaging solutions, which opened the entire industries eyes to its endless possibilities. This also solidified its place in the market, and we’re focused on its next chapter to include make-up compacts and refills. It’s been a thrill to already see the positive reaction from our clients from our designs and will see these disruptive molded pulp make-up compacts on the market next year.”

Knoll Packaging recently exhibited its latest innovations at London Packaging Week and LuxePack Monaco, including the Knoll Ecoform Molded Pulp Compacts. They continue to set the standard for sustainability in the industry, including the development of proprietary Knoll-Quality automation and the opening of its fully owned factory in the Philippines.

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